What’s Going On In Your Head?

10 Apr

McSweeney’s Issue 36

Various McSweeney’s Publishing $46.00

Inside this 275-cubic-inch full-color head-crate, there are all the things you’d hope for: a 100-page annotated fragment of Michael Chabon’s lost novel, incredible new stories from John Brandon and Colm Toibin, Jack Pendarvis’s “Jungle Geronimo in Gay Paree,” a play by Wajahat Ali – eight  astounding booklets in all, along with some other things on top, enough for hundreds and hundreds of pages of perusal, every bit of it, like we said, contained in a more-or-less-life-size friendly-looking head. It will fit on your shelf, it is compatible with most hats, and the stuff inside is wonderful. Oh AND if you take a photo of yourself with your head and post it to McSweeney’s they’ll send you something extra to put in your head. I’m going to do this now. Think of it as our little experiment – and when they send me that something I’ll tell you what it is. Exciting! Yay.

This was the email reply:

Thanks for the note, Lily. It’s not untenable! We’re still figuring out the details out our special give-away offer. You haven’t missed anything, in other words. Just when you think we’ve forgotten to mail you something extra for the head box, that extra little something will arrive.

Best from all of us at McSweeney’s,
Brian McMullen


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